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I assist my clients at a strategic and technical level so that they can make their businesses grow with a basis in excellence.

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This is how I have changed my clients’ lives:

Sandra is an excellent web designer with significant knowledge in the field, and is also well-spoken, pleasant and with great communication skills. As an expert in community management, web design, blogs, etc., she has become a great influencer about the latest advances that continuously appear on the net. I’m quite happy with the website that she has designed for me. She has perfectly understood me, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of these types of services. Lastly, you should know that in addition to being a great professional, she is very honest and sensible, which are very important values to me.

Daniel Cerdà

I have known Sandra for a few years, and I’ve always admired her professionalism and simplicity. Since she is a down-to-earth person, she opens her heart in each private session, letting it all flow. She is the first person I think of when I want something related to my business.

Arturo Ayala

Finding someone who fully understands your business idea, and also has the knowledge and tools to make it come true, is one of the main challenges faced by any creative project. Without a doubt, Sandra is one of those people. Thanks to her personal involvement, her professionalism – the result of a long track record – and her vision, is not only just as I imagined it, but actually much better!

Francesc Soler

Sandra is a great professional; she has a thorough knowledge of her field and I’m truly amazed by her efficiency and the way in which she conveys her expertise.

Belibut Butier

Sandra is a superb speaker. I had the opportunity of attending one of her courses at BCN Activa and, in addition to being quite knowledgeable in the subject of her lecture, she know how to pique –and hold– the interest and enthusiasm of all of us.

Mercè Batiste

I came to know Sandra some time ago when we met in a workshop. Since then, and till today, I have had the luck of attending some of her courses, where she has shown to be a great professional in the business of helping others with their personal growth, thereby improving their lives. She is the very image of motivation and positivity. I recommend Sandra’s work to anyone who is going through fear / discouragement or who has trouble leaving their comfort zone.

Pepi Jiménez

Sandra is a coherent, honest, creative and efficient professional. During the first session of the program, I received the necessary advice to drive my website toward my desired goal. She gave me a vision of web design that let me adapt my page to a much more coherent sales strategy, with set goals. The confidence and energy that she conveys helps me get motivated to start developing my creativity with a business outlook. Thank you for accompanying in its new stage.

Patricia Guijarro

I hired Sandra to help me set up my blog, and from day one she showed to be a magnificent professional and an indispensable asset that I wish to keep working with in the future. From the most technical aspects to the handling of social networks, Sandra has a wide spectrum of skills, knowledge and vision. The enthusiasm and dedication that she applies to solve any problem guarantees services of the highest quality. In addition, she is open to sharing tricks and tips, which lets you really learn from her, instead of just letting her solve your problems. I would recommend Sandra without hesitation to anyone wishing to start or optimize their online project.

Federica Garuti

Sandra has helped me a lot thanks to her technical knowledge. I would particularly like to mention her ability to explain concepts in a way that is easy to understand. In summary, Sandra can make difficult things easy, even when you don’t have a lot of know-how.

Noemi Saiz

ÑI fully recommend Sandra’s work in regard to branding and anything related to business image. She managed to comprehend the essence of my business and was really useful to help me focus on the right target audience for my company. Thank you, Sandra! (more…)

Inma García

Sandra makes your work easy; she helps you convey your ideas through the innovations that she proposes in order to reach optimal results – proof of this is my website. Needless to say, I keep working with her and refer people to her whenever I can, as an excellent professional that you can trust to offer great results.

Jordi Pascual

I met Sandra at a very interesting marketing workshop, so I later asked her to provide me with private consultancy services, which fulfilled my expectations and increased my knowledge in relation to my website. Sandra is a reliable consultant who has a strong grip on both marketing and communication, as well as the technical aspect of current technologies.

Aldo Barragán

Sandra has not only perfectly understood my needs as a writer, but her formal and content-related suggestions have also given my digital image a very interesting twist. Not only does she possess a great technical knowledge on web design and social networks, but she is also capable of perfectly understanding the needs that you convey to her. Without a doubt, Sandra is a great asset.

Jaume Cupons

I believe that every training professional has to fulfill two requirements: be an expert on the subject and know how to convey that knowledge. Sandra excels at both. Thank you for everything.

Antonio Pérez

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