Sandra Guerrero · Business Strategist & Internacional Trainer

It is my mission to unleash your full potential and show you how to scale your business income with a winning and soulful strategy.

There are three things you need to make abundant money: one, unblock all that stops you from going forward, two connect with your True Power and three, to have a proven strategy.

Quien es Sandra Guerrero

Because you were born to SHINE and accomplish great goals.

You might have tried many times, unsuccessfully.

There might have been a voice in your head asking “Who do you think you are? You were never successful anyway.”

But that can change today. All you need is to commit to your success. And for that, you need to ask yourself:

How much do I want it?

If you are a go-getter like me… let’s talk!

I am Sandra Guerrero, life and business strategist with 10 years of experience, passionate about high performance and with a strong calling for transcendence.

To me, the most important is people, because it is people that engage in endeavors and have dreams and illusions that deserve all of our care and respect.

I love creating successful businesses with values, because in addition to achieving economic prosperity, with them you can thrive doing what you love, while touching many hearts and transforming thousands of lives.

High performance and I go hand in hand. I am a woman of action: I like getting up early and giving my all in everything I do. I love seeing how my clients become the best version of themselves while working with me.

But, above all, I feel a calling for transcendence, for leaving a legacy through my work and have a positive impact on the world. On the day I leave this planet, I want to be able to look back and feel that what I have done has transcended me.

Do you want to develop your full potential with an expert business that brings you success and money?

Acerca de Sandra Guerrero

Here is what I bring to the table:

Infinite Potential

You are much more of what you see at the mirror. I help you unblock your unconscious mind, connect with your True Power and unleash your potential.

Strategy & Sales

Once you have connected with your potential, I design a handmade and soulful strategy and I teach you how to close high ticket sales.

Abundant Money

What you see on the outside is a reflection of your vibration and the information you hold on your unconscious mind. I show you how to manifest money.

Here are my credentials:

  • Life and Business Strategist. I excel at designing soulful strategies that work, unleashing your full potential and helping you scale your income.
  • Business woman since 2010. I have created many businesses, both physical and online. My company is currently located in Andorra.
  • International educator at prestigious institutions,including Barcelona Activa, the Lleida Chamber of Commerce, Congreso Web and the Comú d’Andorra la Vella.
  • University professor. Digital Marketing Master Course Professor at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).
  • Author of the book “Dinero Sin Empleo” (“Money Without Employment”) and the Social Media Marketing manual of the UOC.
  • International influencer with my web design blog “CreativaSfera,” which had almost 100,000 monthly visits and I decided to discontinue for not being in line with my essence.

...and this is my more human side ♡

  • I am Heidi in my heart.I adore the mountains – especially high mountains. They connect me with the depths of my being; they inspire me and make me feel alive.
  • I love my dog Reiy, an adorable Labrador, with all my heart. I always say that I have a 4-legged son. My relationship with him is special; one that can only be comprehended by people who love animals.
  • I am a spiritual person. I am a level three Reiki practitioner, and quite good at channeling my guides and receiving information from other levels. I have created several guided meditations and love Kundalini Yoga.
  • I don’t like leisure. Yes, I am unlike the rest of the world. Give me something productive to do, and I will get on it right away. Tell me to go away for the weekend, and I will find a million excuses.
  • I am a woman of action. . As a child they put me inside a few tires on a table so that I would stay still. I dove head first into the floor and ended up in the ER. Today, I practice Crossfit : )

This is how I have changed my clients’ lives:

Now it’s your turn.

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